Pest Control FAQs

  • What are moisture barriers?

Moisture barriers are used in crawlspaces to prevent them from having too much moisture. Moisture promotes mold growth, produces strange odors, causes wood rot, and attracts termites. Using moisture barriers can help control the amount of moisture in your crawlspace and protect it from damaging pests such as termites and rodents.

  • Should I hire a pest control service even if I don’t have an infestation?

Yes, it is more cost-effective to prevent an infestation instead of getting rid of one. Take preventative measures such as using moisture barriers, bait traps, and sealing any potential points of entry into your property. If you wait to do these things after pests are present, they may have already caused extensive damage to your property.

  • Does rain wash away pest control products?

People commonly believe that pest control products will be washed away from rain and snow. However, this is not true. It is rare for our pest control products to be affected by the weather. It may help our products and services achieve their goal because it drives pests out of the ground.

  • What is the difference between rats and mice?

They both are rodents and look like each other. Rats are larger and heavier, while mice are smaller and slenderer than rats. Rat tails are also hairless while mice have some hair on their tails.

  • How long until we see results from the treatment?

The results of the treatment will vary depending on the type of pest you are trying to get rid of, the extent of the infestation, and the products being used. Your pest control expert will consult with you and discuss what you can expect from your pest control services!

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